A new breed

While roaming free in the wild, I came upon a relatively rare breed of boy – the monogamist.  In theory, this should be every girl’s dream guy – the boy who wants to be your boyfriend, wants to introduce you to mom, and wants to stay in on a Saturday night curled up in your bed watching a movie.  Throw in a large bouquet of wild flowers in your favorite colors and this guy is adding up to be perfect.  Then on the fourth date he asks to be your boyfriend (I’m exaggerating, he actually asked if we could “update our facebook statuses” – vomit)…this is where reality pummels theory.

Four dates??? What do you know about me?  You know this tiny little slice of me that is funny and likes to wear dresses.  You probably can’t name my hometown or the location of my favorite city hideaway.  As lovely as the four dates have been, you are working with a superficial sliver of the surface.  Granted,  you picked a great sliver to know, but there is a whole world of mess and ridiculousness that you haven’t even touched. And, I won’t for a minute tolerate another relationship, where someone makes me feel bad about who I am.  It took a long time to get to this level of imperfection, and I’m going to rock it.  You better learn to love it.

So while I loved the very sweet gesture, it was actually a big, giant red flag that you don’t want to be my boyfriend, you just want to be a boyfriend.

3 responses to “A new breed

  1. So did you drop this guy? Understand your viewpoint, but the dude seems to honestly care from what you’ve shown him about yourself so far. While that whole status update thing is pretty weird, whats keeping you from being authentic with the guy and showing him the real you?

  2. couldn’t have said it better myself.

  3. fanfrickingtastic

    Josh – I will explain in an upcoming post. I’m not hiding myself from him, I’m just not convinced that he cares.

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