Waiting to want

Most of my friends in relationships want and are waiting to get engaged (and/or recently have gotten engaged – so excited for all of you). But for me, I am waiting to WANT to get engaged. Granted this is probably the result of calling off two engagements, and then promptly having my heart broken by a guy that I would have married in a heartbeat. So now, I’ve just lost all motivation for the sport, and I am content to be contractually bound to myself (and several credit card/student loan companies) only.

In theory that is good…I won’t rush into anything.

In reality this is bad…I am totally going to be that old crazy aunt to all of my friend’s children. You know the “aunt” I’m talking about – she’s not actually a blood relative. She shows up to events with two bottles of wine (one for everyone else, one for herself). She gets drunk and starts talking about inappropriate subjects regardless of who can hear. She has a string of live-ins that you can remember only through nicknames (“the one that never had a job”, “the one who is going to leave his wife,” etc.). She offers to watch your children but you fear they would end up watching her – and they would likely never fully recover from the experience. That’s going to be me.

Looking forward to it. I am available to babysit anytime.

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9 responses to “Waiting to want

  1. Hey, that’s my favorite aunt!

  2. lol. I am an astrological matchmaker. May I ask your birthdate ?

  3. Oh come on, I dont think youre going to be that aunt. No matter how I love that kind of aunts, I have a few here. :)

  4. One day you’ll become Liz Lemon- one day!

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  6. I AM that aunt. It ROCKS – just remember to bring good wine and toys that the kids will love and parents will hate. Things that can be aimed at the dog/cat and/or make a mess once you are safely back in your grown-up life are high on this list.
    Try this favorite game: “Your mommy told me that you said a bad word. Was it ____” and then run through the list of explicatives untill the little charmer picks out the right one. It’s fun for the whole family.

  7. lol. I’m afraid of being that aunt a little bit too.

  8. Doing things for yourself is freaking awesome. One of my friends went through this a little while ago… Do whatever’s right for you. If circumstances change, you can always adapt.

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